Theory lace skirt, Mansur Gavriel red and black bucket bag, M.Gemi Salita booties

Black and White: Lace Skirt, Lace Booties, and Bucket Bag [Plus M.Gemi Salita Review]

Hi there!  After taking a two year break from blogging thanks to graduate school, I finally have the time (and mindspace!) to revisit it.  

I’ve spoken with so many friends about what they like and don’t like about blogs that they follow.  Comments ranged from complaints about fashions being outrageously aspirational and expensive to content being uninspired and too sales-y.  I have tried to keep much of that in mind as I relaunched InCorporate Mode.  I hope that what you’ll find here will resonate with you, especially if you have any interest in what I’ll call “dressed up casual style” or “dressed down business style”.

Theory lace skirt, Mansur Gavriel red and black bucket bag, M.Gemi Salita booties

Skirt: Theory
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Shoes: M.Gemi
Bag: Mansur Gavriel
Belt: Zara
TO CORPORATE-FY THIS LOOK: Add a black blazer and swap out the shoes for a pair of classic patent pumps.

Today’s post is about the classic combo of black and white.  I find that when I have trouble figuring out what to wear, mixing and matching some black and white items from my closet almost always results in a put together look.  I also try to incorporate pieces that have different types of textures or patterns because I find that it helps to make my outfit more interesting.

Mansur Gavriel bucket bag red and black

I also have to talk about these M.Gemi Salita booties because they are super comfortable (for a 4.25” heel anyway)!  The suede uppers mold nicely to your feet so there’s no chafing.  I also love the built in lace detail–I think it gives the shoe a very architectural look, which I’m a fan of.  Also, given the amount of coverage and cleavage, I think you could rock these almost all year round (might be a little hard to pull off in the winter).  Plus, Michael bought these for me as a surprise gift to celebrate a couple of really important milestones: landing an amazing post-graduation job and finally getting healthy after being sick with a mystery liver virus for two whole months!  My only complaint on the shoes is that the laces are a bit challenging to tie tightly–I find myself sitting on the ground so I can get enough leverage to pull the laces tight enough so the shoe is snug and won’t cause chafing.

In case you haven’t heard of M.Gemi before, it’s a Boston based shoe startup founded by Ben Fischman, who also started Ruelala.  They produce only in Italy and introduce new styles every Monday, which is quite a feat.  They are only direct-to-consumer so they cut out the middleman (and markup) and claim to provide designer quality shoes at a fraction of the price.  I like the aesthetic of their shoes because they strike the right balance of trendiness and wearability.


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