ASOS draped jacket, white jeans, gray Rebecca Minkoff Love bag

Pastels: Draped Jacket, White Jeans, and Snake Skin Pumps [Plus Career Advice From the former President & CFO/COO of Calypso St. Barth]

The other day, we walked into a store (I don’t remember which one), and Michael goes “spring is your perfect season, everything here is blush pink, your favorite color”.  So while I’ll disagree that blush pink is my only favorite color, it is one of my go to colors–even my bridesmaids had blush pink dresses!  I think blush pink looks great with other pastel and neutral tones, but can also be gorgeous with more saturated colors like red if you’re looking for a pop of color.  

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes: Ferragamo
Jacket: ASOS
Vest: BCBG
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Pants: Banana Republic
TO CORPORATE-FY THIS LOOK: Try closed toe pumps and a pair of skinny wool trousers in a neutral color.

ASOS draped jacket, white jeans, gray Rebecca Minkoff Love bag, Ferragamo chunky snakeskin heels
Part of the reason why I love pastels is because it reminds me of spring, warmth, and comfort.  One brand that always carries a wonderful selection of pastel-toned clothing is Calypso St. Barth, a luxury resortwear brand that features vacation (or staycataion) ready designs in gorgeous materials.  Recently, I had the chance to chat with David, former President, COO & CFO of the brand.  He has had such an interesting career and so much to say about what it takes to be successful.  

Here are my top 4 takeaways.

  • Be flexible: While David knew that he wanted to be president of a company, he didn’t necessarily start out with a rigid plan for his career.  Instead, he was open to new opportunities–his advice is to “watch as your interests develop, watch as the world changes.”  That way, you can be open to identifying and pursuing new opportunities as they arise.
  • Tell others about your dreams: David got a tip from a coworker about a financial analyst job in GM’s fashion group while he was still working at a major accounting firm.  Had he not been opened about his interest to work in retail, he probably would never have learned about the job and subsequently, had the opportunity to have an experience that set him up for a number of senior finance roles at major retailers.
  • Tend to your network: As David puts it, “as you’re building your career, you’re probably going to throw yourself into your career, and it’s not an easy thing to continue building your network.”  But he stresses that keeping a good black book of contacts and staying current with those people by checking in with people is really critical.  By talking to more people, one can better understand what’s going on in the industry, something that’s critical for a senior leader.
  • Don’t shy away from hard jobs: David recognizes that the day to day of running a big business can be hard, but “challenges are in the moment.”  He sees every challenge as an opportunity to learn to to help him get to where he is today.  It might sound cliche, but challenges really are what help to shape us and make us develop into better professionals and people!



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