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Black and White Workout Set [Plus: My Fitness Journey]

For about 20 years of my life, I had a BMI under 20 and didn’t even have to try.  After that, I worked out occasionally to try and maintain my body weight.  A small percentage of my motivation came from the desire to be healthy–to be honest, vanity was what drove my decision to sweat it out.

Workout clothes: c/o Adoreme
Shoes: Nike (similar here and here)
Water bottle: Hydroflask

activewear fitness black and white adoreme activewear set


The problem was/is that I’m not a terribly vain person.  I want to look good but accept that I’m not genetically gifted to look like Miranda Kerr.  These past few years of school and career have also been stressful and busy, and as a result, working out took a back seat.

Fast forward to this past winter break.  I went on a trek to India (beautiful country!) and came back with a mysterious liver virus that specialists couldn’t diagnose.  I was exhausted from walking just a mile and a half to school and had no energy.  By the time evening rolled around, I was so fatigued I almost never left my apartment.  So, for two months, I canceled all my dinner plans and became best friends with my pillow.

During that time, I finally came to realize how much I took my health for granted.  While I was maybe sick for a week or two during previous illnesses, being out for two months made me yearn being able to do yoga again, to walk to school without feeling like passing out, to have energy and feel strong.

Since March, I’ve been working out regularly.  I started with two days a week of yoga and slowly added more strength and cardio to my weekly routine.  In May, as my body adjusted to working out 3+ times week, I found myself exhausted again.  I napped every day I worked out.  I wanted to quit but I reminded myself that not so long ago, I would have killed to just be able to exercise a few minutes.  So, I’ve persevered and kept to working out at least three times a week.

Today, I feel stronger, healthier, and happier than ever.  I’ve come to respect my body and better accept it for what it is.  I gained five pounds and lost it again.  I still don’t have a six pack but my arms have never looked so toned.  I don’t look like a fitness model and you know what, I’m okay with that.

At the end of the day, what I’ve learned is to respect your health and body.  To recognize that fitness (like so many other things in life) is a journey–it’s supposed to sometimes be hard and painful, but if you never push yourself, you’ll never be able to see what you can really accomplish and where you can go.

What’s your motivation for working out?  I find that another great motivation is cute workout gear!  Check out Adoreme’s awesome workout set’s here.


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    Posted at 00:20h, 05 December Reply

    Hi Jenny, great blog. I know this is a few months late but did you ever get tested for TB when you got sick after your India trip? There are form of TB that can affect the liver.

    • Jenny
      Posted at 20:21h, 21 December Reply

      Yes, I had about a million tests done and they were all negative–it was definitely very strange! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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