Gray Blazer and Black Over the Knee Boots [Plus: Tip for Easy Packing for Work Travel]

I can’t believe October is almost over!  It’s been almost two months since I’ve moved to NYC, but I still feel like I’m trying to figure out how to manage my time and do everything I want to do.  Sometimes, I feel like I get a little too ambitious and end up exhausted by the time Monday morning rolls around >_<

Gray Smythe blazer, Sam Edelman black over the knee boots, Longchamp Medium Le Pliage Neo black nylon toteBlazer: Smythe (other options below) | Shirt: Similar here | Pants: H&M |
Boots: Sam Edelman (updated style here) | Bag: Longchamp

That’s partly why I’ve been going back to basics lately.  Working within the black/white/gray tones makes dressing so much easier in the mornings.

One trick I figured out back in my days when I’d travel every week for work is to pack one color scheme so I could avoid bringing multiples of shoes and accessories…for example, I’d bring a black bag and black shoes and avoid bringing tan clothes (or whatever you think doesn’t look great with black).

It made it easy to pack a smaller bag and avoid having to check luggage, which, as those of you who travel know, can take what seems like forever when you just want to get home.


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